Surviving the Holidays

By: John Bortz III

The holidays can get pretty crazy at times, if you let them. Meeting relatives you don’t remember, getting the right gifts, making tons of food, cleaning up the house, and the list goes on and on. Only if someone could make a guide so you can get through this crazy holiday season…

So over at The Squire, we decided to make a survival guide by asking what others at Eisenhower do to survive the holiday season. In this interview, we sat down with Jade Fox to see how she survives the holiday season.

The Squire: What do you do on the road while traveling during the holiday season?

Jade Fox: Play on my phone, sleep, and look at the scenery.

TS: What makes a good Christmas?

JF: Having family together and eating a lot of food.

TS: What do you use to stay warm over Christmas?

JF: I usually use a blanket and a fireplace to keep warm.

TS: Where do you usually go to enjoy your time during break?

JF: My grandma’s because she is always cooking something good.

TS: What is your favorite food to make at Christmas?

JF: I love to make Christmas cookies.

After this interview, I headed over to see a seasoned veteran when it comes to Christmas, my grandma, Marge Bortz. Hopefully, this interview helps readers survive the Christmas season because the answers here are all based on experience.

The Squire: What is the quickest way to clean up after everyone is gone after the party?

Marge Bortz: The quickest way I find to clean up is by having everyone who stayed later help out and do certain things.

TS: How do you find the right gift for Christmas?

MB: I usually ask some sneaky questions a couple months before to get an idea of what they would like.

TS: How do you make enough food for the Christmas feast?

MB: I usually go out a couple days before to get what I need to make, and then I have some family members make certain dishes.

TS: How do you remember everyone’s name for Christmas parties?

MB: The thing I do if I don’t remember someone’s name is say,” I miss you,” then ask around who that person was. But to remember names, I recommend pointing out certain things that stand out to remember.

TS: How do you keep calm and not get overwhelmed by the holiday season?

MB: The best thing to do is prepare for weeks in advance and not try to cram it all in last minute.

Hopefully this interview helps with some of your holiday troubles and preparing you for the holiday season. Also, keeping you away from those awkward situations with relatives and not letting Christmas control you. Over at The Squire, we want to thank those who could let us interview them and we want to wish you a good Christmas break and a happy New Year!

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