Girls’ Sports Wrap up Seasons

By: Ross Venman

The girls’ sports teams have been very competitive this year, participating in basketball, competitive cheer, and indoor soccer. The basketball team has done well, finishing the regular season with an 8-14 record. The cheerleaders have been supporting the men’s basketball team at all of their home games, while the girl’s indoor team has been improving their soccer skills for the upcoming fall season. One of our wonderful The Squire members interviewed the outstanding Coach Logue about their girls’ basketball season.

The Squire: How do you think your season is going this year?

Coach Logue: Our season has been one of peaks and valleys, but you will have that with a young roster.  But, overall, for as young as we are, we have had a good season.

TS:  Is the team going to playoffs?  If so how do you think you will do?

CL: We are going to the playoffs. I believe that we have a very good chance of winning our first round game. We will think about the second round only after we have completed the first round.

TS: Who will you be playing in the playoffs? 

CL: We are playing Rocky Grove at their school’s gym.

TS: What does the team need to do to improve for playoffs?

CL: We have to improve our boxing out during rebounding.

TS: How has the team improved over the season?

CL: The players are starting to realize their potential and how they fit into the team concept.

TS: Are you coaching next year? If so what are you looking forward to in next year’s season?

CL: I will be coaching the girls’ team again next year. We are losing two seniors, but there will be 12 returning underclassmen, so I am looking forward to their continued growth in their individual skills and in how they grow together as a team.

TS: What were some of the greatest challenges this season?

CL: Our youth and inexperience.

TS: Thank you for your time.

     As you can see, the girls’ winter sports have been very exciting. Hopefully their seasons end well and next year they can come back even better than before. The Squire would like to wish all of the girls’ sports good luck as they finish their season and I recommend everyone going out and supporting them.


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