Choir Serenades EMHS on Valentine’s Day

By: Maya Edwards

This Valentine’s Day, the EMHS Choir started a new tradition serenading the students, faculty, and staff with a classic love song by Elvis Presley titled “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Senior Choir students sold serenades for two dollars each starting about two weeks before the holiday. This is the first year the choir has done anything like this before, so they weren’t sure if it would be a great success or not. Turns out… it was! These Valentine’s Day Serenades could be bought for a friend, significant other, or even for your secret crush. When you purchased a serenade, the special someone received the song and a special card with a cute Valentine’s Day saying and who it was from.

The choir started the special day off by singing to A, B, and C lunches. They then continued to visit each class through sixth and seventh period, hunting down the students/ teachers who were to be serenated. They sang to the whole class, but the card was handed to the specific person for whom it was purchased.

At the beginning of this 2016-17 school year, the choir received a new director, Ms. Joy McMonigal. The Squire interviewed Ms. McMonigal to see how she thought the serenades turned out.

The Squire: Do you think that this event was a success? Why?

Ms. McMonigal: Yes, I do believe it was a success. With it being a brand new idea and students not really being sure what to expect, we truly figured we would only have about half a dozen serenades this year and it could potentially grow with time. The EMHS student body exceeded our expectations with how well it went.

TS: Will this become a yearly tradition for the EMHS Choir?

JM: Yes, I do believe this will become a Tradition for the EMHS Senior Choir. There are certainly some things we would like to change, such as a larger selection of songs to choose from, including just a nice friendship song.

TS: How many serenades were sold?

JM: We sold 22 Serenades this year, blowing our initial estimation out of the water!

TS: How long did your choir have to prepare for the performances?

JM: We began working on “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley about half way through the month of January, giving us a little over a month to prepare that particular song.

TS: How have you enjoyed your first year at EMHS so far?

JM: I absolutely love the EMHS family here! The students, faculty, and staff are all so supportive of each other. We truly are a hidden jewel out here in the country.

TS: In what ways have you improved the choir throughout the year?

JM: I don’t believe I have necessarily improved the choir this year, so to speak. I think I have just shed new light on an already prospering choral department. I have brought new ideas and thoughts into an already thriving department and we, as a group in the choir room, have just added to what Mrs. Pearson already had going. We have a lot of fun learning the music together and working as a team to sound the best we can.

TS: Thank you for your time!

Ms. McMonigal and the choir are looking to expand the Valentine’s Day Serenades next year since this year went even better than expected.  Be on the lookout next winter for an opportunity to buy your friend, love, or secret crush a Valentine surprise performed by our very own EMHS Choir!

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