Boys’ Winter Sports Coming to an End

By: Nick Smelko

Now that the snow is melting and spring-time is approaching, winter sports at EMHS are coming to an end. The boys are working extra hard every day to prepare for the basketball playoffs and wrestling sections. Playoffs and sections are an entirely different atmosphere than the regular season, so the teams will have to stay calm and play their game.

Boys’ basketball is looking to make a run in playoffs and is practicing every day to prepare for their first opponent, West Middlesex. The Squire sat down with senior starter, Jack Reynolds, to talk about the big game coming up and reflect upon the 2016-17 season.

The Squire: How do you think the season went this year?

Jack Reynolds: It went well; now we just need to make a run in the postseason.

TS: What are you doing to prepare for playoffs?

JR: We are having joint practices with other teams to prepare and playing live games at practice.

TS: If you had more time, what would you work on and why?

JR: Our offense, because sometimes we struggle running the plays through.

TS: What has the team improved on the most through this season?

JR: We’ve really improved our overall defense.

     The wrestling team sent 10 wrestlers to districts, which is an impressive achievement for new coach, Mr. Kris Black. This year, the next Head in the dynasty, Spencer, is looking to make a run in the states bracket while on his road to one-hundred career wins. The Squire sat down with Coach Black, along with Spencer Head, to talk about the season and preparations for sections.

The Squire: How do you think the season went this year?

Mr. Kris Black: I think it was a successful season.  As a team, we were 8-7 and had potential of being better than that.  The team as a whole got considerably better as the year progressed.

Spencer Head: It went swell.

TS: What are you doing to get ready for sections?

KB: The team has been working extremely hard every night trying to get the conditioning and wrestling patterns ready to peak at the sectional tournament.

SH: Preparing our bodies, mentally and physically.

TS: If you had more time, what would you work on and why?

KB: The winter season is pretty long as it is, as you know, Nick, so I would not be in favor of a longer season…but, if it were longer, we would just continue to do what we have been doing every night.

SH: Technique. To be a good wrestler, you need to have good technique.

TS: What has the team improved on the most? How did they do that?

KB: I think the biggest improvement in this team, compared to teams of the past, is the fact that they all, as a team, bought into the program, worked hard as a team and just started to believe in themselves.  I think they were able to do that for a couple reasons…First, we have some good leaders on the team – Spencer Head and Alex Barnett are our captains and they do a great job, and some of the upper class guys did just as much motivating and encouraging the other guys on the team.  Another thing I feel was a big influence on this team were our outstanding assistant coaches… Dr. Dennis Johnson, Jake Johnson, and Kiel Woodburn.

SH: Coming together as a team.

TS: Who/what is the biggest competition and how do you plan to conquer it?

KB: Our region is extremely tough, but I think our biggest competition was just believing we could compete and going out there and doing it…once we started doing that, we were on the road to success and we will see where that takes us this weekend.

Overall, both teams performed well this season, and will work hard in the offseason to prepare for next season. Good luck to the seniors in their final season and stay tuned in to the W-IKE Morning Show for updates on boys’ spring sports.

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