2016: A Year to Remember…

By: Benji Linkerhof

This year, 2016, has grown with popular television shows, activities, new challenges, and music. The country has begun to talk about the new trends as they spread to more and more areas of the world and videos being posted are viewed by millions of people.

Bottle flipping                
Bottle flipping is one of the best activities to do in a kid’s free time. The challenge to try and flip a partially filled water bottle and land it upright has spread across the country as hundreds of videos have been posted on this.

Pop music is often considered a reflection of changing culture throughout the years. The new pop songs that have sky rocketed this year are songs like, “Cold Water,” “One Dance,” ”Starboy,” ”Sorry,” ”Closer,” “All in the head,” PILLOWTALK,” “JuJu on that Beat,” and “Work from Home.” These are only few of the many songs that have gained hundreds of thousands of more views than any other songs in 2016.

With a lot of the new songs comes new dances, and several have definitely swept across the nation. “JuJu on that Beat” has gotten extremely popular by combining a bunch of popular dances in the song. The dance contains a bunch of arm and leg movement like running in place and whipping.

Netflix has increased in popularity after the release of several new series unique to the streaming website. For example, the new series, “Stranger Things,” has been a huge hit of 2016. The rating for the show from the company “Rotten Tomatoes” is a 95% and Google users rated it a 97%. The revival of “Gilmore Girls” has also been a success on Netflix this year, and it has risen in popularity with a rating of 8.3 out of 10.

One piece of clothing that has sky rocketed throughout 2016 is Vans. They have gotten extremely popular from a video that went viral through snapchat. A group of teenagers posted a video on snapchat everyday showing off all of his new pairs of Vans, which resulted in increased popularity of the shoe and led to temporary fame for the teens.

An artist who has gotten popular in the year 2016 is an artist by the name of “Fetty Wap.” He released many new songs that made his fame increase. Songs like “Trap Queen,” “679,” and “Wake Up” made a big difference in his career and became some of the biggest hits of 2016.

As you can see, this year is full of new ideas and popular videos. The most popular idea through this year was bottle flipping as people are still doing it today, challenging themselves, and making more videos. Next year will be full of even better and new challenges/entertainment for people.

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