Staying on 2016 Winter Fashion Trends

By: Anna McJunkin

The seasons change, and so do fashion trends. In the winter, there are so many different options of clothing from which to choose from. Fashion has changed so much within the years, and there is always a new trend becoming popular as each season arrives.

The Squire interviewed EMHS sophomore Tess Morningstar about what she likes to wear in the winter and what she thinks of 2016 winter fashion. Tess informed The Squire that she enjoys wearing sweaters, leggings, scarfs, and fancy boots in the winter. Tess also said she,” loves the modern variety of winter outfits.” They have made such a difference in fashion throughout the years. She says her favorite outfit to wear in the winter is combat boots and sweaters because you can match that with almost anything you want.

Around the world, winter fashion is different than here in northwestern Pennsylvania. According to, a wide sleeved robe is most commonly worn during the winter in West Africa. The female version is an M’boubou or kaftan. Some are beautifully embroidered and passed down through the generations as family heirlooms. Here in our area, we don’t wear such unique clothing. The most common winter style in America is blue jeans, oversized sweaters and combat boots.  This style is comfy and cozy, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Everyone has different styles, and this winter is no exception. New fashion trends spotted around Eisenhower this year are blanket scarfs, cardigans, riding boots, blue jeans, and leggings. The weather is changing, which means it is time to try out some of the new fashion. Check out ideas for on trend winter outfits on Pinterest, where you can always find the perfect inspiration!


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