Spreading Christmas Cheer

By: Jake Harvey

Nothing sets a better mood than watching the snowflakes fall with classic Christmas jams playing in the background. If Christmas music had a taste, it would be a warm sugar cookie with a hint of egg nog and turkey.  Lucky for all Christmas enthusiasts, the jingle bells are ringing and the choir is singing. Some people love Christmas music and could listen to it year round, while others can’t stand to hear it. The Christmas music lovers span a wide range of musical tastes – for some, Christmas classics are the only way to go, for others, contemporary tunes are preferred.

There is Christmas music from every genre and from all time periods, but there is a very specific list of songs that come to everybody’s mind. Did you know, according to buzzfeed, while we associate “Jingle Bells” with Christmas, the song was written by James Lord Pierpont to celebrate Thanksgiving? The Squire held a poll to find out which Christmas song their viewers liked best. The result was that readers enjoyed “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey. The song was followed by “Baby, it’s Cold Outside,” “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,” and “Jingle Bells,” respectively. The Squire caught up with Christmas music connoisseur, Dominick Giannini, to hear his opinion.

The Squire: Do you prefer more of the old classic Christmas music or the new contemporary tunes?

Dominick Giannini: I like a good mix of both. I like the original songs and I like the new songs, but I do not like covers on the old songs.

TS: What is your favorite Christmas song to sing along with in the shower?

DG: When it comes to singing in the shower, I am a lot like Jovie from Elf and sing “Baby it’s Cold Outside.”

TS: If we were to take a gander at your music library now, would we find any Christmas music and is it wrong to listen to Christmas music outside of the Holiday season?

DG: I like to pop Johnny Mathis’ album Merry Christmas in a cassette tape every now and again, in and out of season.

TS: Does Christmas music play at your house on Christmas and over break?

DG: Does an elf wear striped socks? Of course it does.

TS: When you think of Christmas in general, what songs come to mind?

DG: The song “Christmas Rappin” by Kurtis Blow, every time.

Christmas music is a beautiful thing and, if you ask Buddy the Elf, it’s best way to spread Christmas cheer. If you’re trying to find some good Christmas songs, peep my Christmas music album on Spotify.


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