Ignite the Knights

By: Owen Nizzi

Many EHS students attended the annual homecoming bonfire festivities held on September 21. Even though the powder puff game was shut down due to Delaney Nizzi playing a little too rough last year, there were several other activities organized by the Student Council.

Although there was no powder puff game, many elements of the bonfire stayed true to Eisenhower traditions. Attendees could purchase the usual hot chocolate, candy bars, and The Bucket’s beloved pepperoni balls. The Eisenhower cheerleaders taught the football players some original cheers that the football players couldn’t learn, even after years of hearing the same thing over and over again. The bonfire was lit by gracious volunteers from the Russell Volunteer Fire Department at 6:40 on that fine autumn evening. The fire was short lived due to many safety regulations set forth by the school district.

The Squire called in one of the many brave volunteers in our community to ask about some of the standards and procedures in the world of firefighting, and, specifically, the homecoming bonfire.

The Squire: What safety precautions did you take when standing guard to that fire?

William Schwanke: Don’t get 25 feet from a fire of that size without the proper protective clothing. There was a rope placed a safe distance from the fire to make sure everyone stood far enough away.

TS: If the fire would have got a little out of hand, how much water would have been needed to put out the fire?

WS: Just to get the fire under control, we would have needed between 450 to 900 gallons of water, but to completely put the fire out it would have taken a full tank or 1800 gallons.

TS: On that topic, what gear do you come to a call with, and how much does it all weigh?

WS: When I arrive to a call I wear my turnout gear, an air pack, and a helmet. All the other gear we need is on the truck. This all together weighs approximately 35 pounds.

TS: For those interested in becoming a firefighter what route should they take?

WS: Be prepared to fill out an application kind of like a job and also prepare to answer a series of questions. Don’t be afraid to tell someone if you can’t do something because we don’t want to put anyone in a situation they don’t want to be in. If you apply and get accepted, you better grow some thick skin because there will be jokes and you will hear many political opinions. I strongly encourage anyone to join their local fire department because we can always use more firefighters and EMT’s.

TS: Last but not least, on a scale of 1-10 how hot do you feel the homecoming bonfire was?

WS: The peak of the fire was a strong six out of ten.

The Squire would like to thank all of the local volunteer firefighters for helping out with the homecoming bonfire. Students look forward to this Knight every year as a great start to a safe but eventful homecoming.


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