Enjoying School Spirit

By: Adam Pascuzzi

A few times a year, Student Council plans spirit week to help get students in the mood for upcoming events. Recently, in honor of Homecoming, Eisenhower held its first school spirit week of the 2016-2017 school year. Students love the opportunity to show school spirit and sometimes wear clothes that are slightly different than the normal dress code.

The Squire interviewed Student council member, Emily Bailey on Eisenhower’s school spirit week.

The Squire: Why do you do spirit week?

Emily Bailey: Student Council hopes that students have fun and show school spirit through participating in spirit week.

TS: Why did you choose the topics you did?

EB: We try to pick topics that the students enjoy. They also must be topics that will be approved by the principals and mostly fit with the dress code.

TS: What one was the most popular?

EB: I would say dress to impress or farmer/scarecrow day were the most popular this year.

TS: When is the next school spirit week?

EB: Around Christmas time is when the next Spirit Week should happen.

TS: What were the topics for this homecoming spirit week?

EB: Monday was twin day, Tuesday was dress to impress, Wednesday was farmer/scarecrow day, Thursday was class color day, and Friday was blue and gold day

TS: How long did it take you to make the topics?

EB: Homecoming fell pretty early this year, so we made the topics the week before homecoming.

TS: How hard was it to figure out the topics?

EB: It wasn’t that difficult because we have a great student council staff that works really well together.

School spirit isn’t just for students; the teachers also participate. If you do decide to show your school spirit, have fun with it! It helps unite our school and build enthusiasm for upcoming events. When the next spirit week occurs in December, stop by room G120 in your spirit outfit and The Squire will feature you in a photo on their social media accounts!


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