Cheerleaders Prep for Homecoming

By: Brandon Sweet

What is homecoming for our cheer squad? A recent interview with Cheer Captain, Lauren Honhart, tells The Squire that there are two things necessary to be ready for homecoming – preparation and focus. Getting ready for the big homecoming game is all a part of their schedule. Their cheers and routine were, as always, a crowd pleaser in Eisenhower’s football game against Iroquois. However, there’s more to the role cheerleaders play in homecoming than just cheering at the big game.

  “It was fun time; everyone was excited and it was an overall good time,” shared Lauren. In preparation, they trained long and hard up until their first big event of homecoming week – the pep rally. “We had some inexperienced girls come out and help. They did really well and we are really happy with the way it turned out,” said Cheer Captain, Emily Satterfield. “The girls came out and cheered proud.”

  The Squire asked if there was anything special that the ladies had done for the homecoming week this year and they replied that there was nothing different and, like always, they tried hard to create new spectacular routines for their fans and peers.

    The cheerleaders played an important role in the pep assembly, as they debuted their cheer dance routine. The dance that was performed was brought to life by Emily Satterfield, Lauren Honhart, and Maya Edwards. When asked the process of learning the dance, Emily replied, “After we learned it, we taught it to all of the dance people and it turned out to be the best dance Eisenhower’s ever seen.” The Squire asked if there were anything that was challenging she replied, “The foot work was the only challenging part, because when in cheer you’re stiff, so to be able switch it around its good, but difficult.”

  The Squire was also informed that they only had Tuesday and Wednesday to work on their routine for the pep rally on Thursday, which makes their performance even more impressive. The ladies showed commitment and gave a unique show when the time came.

    The cheerleaders concluded their role in the pep rally with the always popular “victory” cheer. Each grade level participated with enthusiasm, but the seniors were the clear winners.  

    Homecoming week takes a lot of effort from many different people and organizations. The cheerleaders are just one part of the homecoming events, but play an important role in getting students excited for the big game and cheering on our players while they work hard for the win. Go knights!


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