“Eye in the Sky” Movie Review

By: Grant Venman

The movie Eye in The Sky is a modern war thriller based on a made up terrorist scenario. The movie depicts how several different countries work together, using the strengths of one another, to capture the terrorist threats. The scenario begins when three high risk terrorists gather in the same place to move forward with an attack plan. As the situation progresses, several problems are encountered with the plan to capture the terrorists due to interference with local Muslim soldiers. When all countries working together run out of capture options, the only option that remains, without risking ground soldiers’ lives, is to bomb the house from an aircraft. After the mission changes to killing the terrorists instead of a capture, several clearances must be met before the US Air Force is allowed to send in the missile.

The biggest problem that everyone involved in the decision sees is that a young girl is selling bread outside the house that the terrorists are in. Several people try to come up with ways to save the girl’s life by getting her away from the house without raising suspicion. A bug camera inside the house shows that the terrorists are getting ready to send out a new group of bombers in the next few minutes. Everyone involved hopes the girl is able to sell the bread before the group leaves the house when the battery in the bug camera dies preventing everyone from knowing when the group is leaving the house. The biggest argument is that many other people could die if the terrorists escape the house. An engineer reassesses the damage of the bomb which is estimated at a 45 percent possibility for the girl’s death. With this information, the people making the decision decide to send the missile.

I would give the movie 6 out of 10 stars only because it was a little slow and boring at some points in the movie. Alexandra Hagberg describes the movie as “dull and mundane.” Also, Alan Rickman, who plays Lt. General Frank Benson, passed away this January after losing his battle to pancreatic cancer. The movie was dedicated to him because it was his last performance as an actor. The movie is worth going to see to see if you enjoy his acting and but keep in mind the movie more of a depiction of the military decision channel instead of an action movie. Don’t be fooled by the action-packed trailer.


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