EHS senior, Derek Lasecki, takes the lead!

Sprinting into Boys Track

By: Logan R. Eadie

The “kitty litter” has been groomed and the lines have been painted; you know what that means – track time. Track season is a wonderful time of the year here at EMHS. The halls smell of B.O. and the kids are running free. This year’s men’s track team only has four seniors, which is identical to last year’s team make-up. The seniors this year are Josh Ernissee, Derek Laseki, Logan Eadie and Noah Vanhouten. All four of the seniors have five or more years on the EMHS men’s track team.

This year the 4×100 relay (Jonah Samulson, Willy Hoffman, Josh Ernissee and Logan Eadie) are hoping to break the long standing 4×100 record. The other notable of the senior class is Noah Vanhouten. Noah is looking to improve his impressive trip to states last year by finishing top five in the state of PA in the triple jump. This year, the men’s team was lucky enough to be outside and on the track on the second day of practice. This sets them extremely ahead of the game as opposed to last year (they only had two days of track time before the first meet).

The Squire somehow secured an interview with track superstar, Derek Laseki.

The Squire: What do you think of the team this year?

Derek: It’s definitely different being the “big dog” on the team, but I’m happy I’m finally a senior.

TS: How do you think being outside so early is going to help this year?

DL: It puts us ahead of the game. We are ready for the competition.

TS: What’s the outlook for districts this year?

DL: Pretty good. I think a big number of us will make it.

TS: What will you miss about track next year when you’re at college?

DL: Just about everything. I’ll miss all my buddies and the coaches.

Derek has been a big part of the track and cross-country programs for his entire high school and Jr. High careers. Next year will be a big change for the EMHS men’s track program, losing four of the most experienced and debatably four of the laziest men on the EMHS men’s track roster. If you have nothing to do at four o’clock on a Tuesday or Thursday, come on down to track to support the boys’ and girls’ track programs.

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