Styling the Man Bun

By: Adam Pascuzzi

A new year calls for new trends. In 2015, the new hairstyle for men was long hair, usually put up in a bun. There are different types of the “man bun” many of which became very popular, there is the “top knot,” where the sides are short while the top is left long enough to be pulled into a little bun. Then there is the “full bun”, where you can pull all of your hair into a good looking man bun. If not in a bun, men typically have their flowing back with a head band to keep the hair out of their face. This style is known as the “bro flow.”

These hairstyles require you to be patient due to the fact that it does take some time to acquire the length needed for it. I would know; I’ve been growing my hair out for quite some time! You need around six to eight inches of hair on the top of your head for the “top knot.” For the full man bun, you need around twelve to eighteen inches of hair in order to successfully make this hairstyle work. In 2015, the “bro flow” style was a semi-decent trend, but the man bun was the big hit of the year. Even though the year has ended, the man bun has carried over into 2016. The Squire sat down with John Bortz to ask him what he thinks of the man bun.

The Squire: How do you feel about the man bun?

John Bortz: I feel that out of all the hairstyles I’ve had through the years, the man bun was probably the best choice.

TS: Why do you like them?

JB: I feel like I can relate to the flow and power when you possess thee man bun.

TS: Do you think guys look good with the man bun?

JB: Well…I think only a special few can pull off the man bun, to be honest. Thor is the best example, but, Adam, I will say, you need a little work.

TS: Why do you think they are a big trend today?

JB: Honestly, I feel like it helps men “find themselves.”

TS: Why do you think the man bun was started?

JB: I think it started over time. More and more pop culture characters grew their hair out and wore it in a man bun.

Now in 2016 a new variation of the man bun has appeared, the French ‘man braid.’ You can have this hairstyle with the “top knot” or the full man bun. You simply need hair long enough to French braid. If you like this style and want to try it, just know it will take some time to grow out your hair. The good news is that if you find out the man bun or man braid aren’t for you, you can always get it cut and go back to your old style.

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