2016 Superbowl Halftime Show

The Halftime Show was a Flop

By: Chris Kibbey

This past Sunday was the 50th Super Bowl and every year fans storm the field for the half time show. This year, Coldplay was the opening act. The lead singer, Chris Martin, crouched down in the middle on the field as fans ran out to surround the stage. The band opened with one of their most upbeat songs, “Viva la Vida.”  As Chris Martin was singing, an orchestra of young musicians accompanied the band. Coldplay was on top of a stage that turned out to be a lightshow. When they played their second song of the night, “Paradise,” the stage lit up in many colors and was a great lightshow for the fans.

Coldplay then started playing their new song, “Adventure of a Lifetime” and, as they were performing it, Bruno Mars, in his excellent fashion, came out singing, “Uptown Funk.” Not long after, Beyoncé came out on the other side singing, “Crazy in Love.” As they sang, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé danced towards each other in the middle of the stage. Martin joined in with them, resulting in exciting cheers from the crowd. They closed with Martin playing, “Clocks” on the piano as the stage showed flashbacks from previous half time shows. They all joined in the middle of the stage and sang, “Fix You” as the final act. As always, there are many opinions on the Super Bowl half time show, so The Squire interviewed senior Kate Daugharthy to see her thoughts.

The Squire: Who was your favorite performer of the half time show?

Kate Daugharthy: Beyoncé was my favorite performer because she always entertains and has the best dance moves.

TS: Which part didn’t you like and why?

KD: I did not like Coldplay because they were lame.

TS: How do you think they could have made the show better?

KD: More Beyoncé with less Coldplay and less Bruno Mars.

TS: Do you think this is one of the best or the worst half time shows and why?

KD:  It was one of the worst because it was really short and I found I had found it kind of boring. Next year, they should have a longer show with more lights and excitement. Also, they need more original artist choices since Beyoncé and Bruno had already played in the show before.

Well, clearly Kate thought that the halftime show could’ve been a lot better, be the general consensus of viewers. Not every fan is going to like the show, but this year seemed to leave the fans more unsatisfied and disappointed than usual. Fans were expecting a surprise performance like last year when Missy Elliot came out singing, so they were sorely disappointed. Super Bowl and music fans are hoping for a better show next year.

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