There’s Snow Musical like White Christmas

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By: Brittany Arp Junior Co-Editor

Warren County recently watched as community members of all ages came together to perform a show that captured the humor we all love and the winter romance we can’t live without; and that they did! Filled with many musical songs, outrageous dance numbers performed by dancers from Linda Dies Dance Studio and an unbelievably talented cast, White Christmas the Musical delighted all and helped to prepare us for the long winter up ahead. The Squire sat down with Eisenhower junior and White Christmas the Musical cast member, Sarah Dietsch, to discuss her experience on stage and how she managed those long rehearsals with her already busy schedule.

The Squire: How was your experience working with the cast?

Sarah Dietsch: The cast was amazing! Everyone involved was always working hard and helping those around them. We all worked very well together, meshing the two worlds of dance and theatre.

TS: What type of character did you play in the musical?

SD: I was a dancer in the musical. We had three big dance numbers, along with being in the finale.

TS: What was your favorite musical/dance number?

SD: My favorite number would have to be “I Love a Piano.” It was a huge tap number that included 18 dancers and two of the main characters, Phil and Judy. This number was a super high-energy dance with nonstop old-school tapping, pinwheels, a kick line, and four different pianos.

TS: What other activities are you involved in?

SD: In addition to dancing, I am the co-president of the high school choir and a member of National Honor Society.

TS: How did you balance your time at the theatre with all your other activities and homework?

SD: If I ever have downtime during a practice or rehearsal, I’ll do my homework and study, but downtime is not very common. It’s been very hard to balance all of my time, but I find time to make sure everything I need to get done gets done.

TS: Would you recommend participating in a Warren Players production to any of your friends in the future?

SD: I would highly recommend joining the Warren Players. They are an amazing group of people who are extremely hardworking and dedicated to bringing the city of Warren amazing performances. If you are someone who enjoys theatre, then you should definitely consider auditioning for their next show.

The theatre offers many different jobs from being on stage and singing and dancing to being behind the scenes and doing tasks like set design and lighting, so there’s a job for everyone to do. If you are interested in being part of the Warren Players, make sure to watch for audition flyers around the community.

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