Top Five Christmas Movies

By: Justin Perrin

Christmas is the best time of the whole year, and everyone loves the holidays because they get to open a lot of amazing presents, spend some quality time with their families, and just have a wonderful time. You can do several different things with your family to make you all happy, and the most common one is to sit down and watch a movie together because you’re spending time with the ones you love.

The Squire has done a comparison of the five best Christmas movies and why they’re the best. Christmas movies can vary from comedy to horror; either way, the Christmas movies are a good time and the perfect reason to spend time with your family on Christmas day. Many people have their favorite movie that they like, so we have taken the top five rated Christmas movies and put them in order from least favorite to most favorite.


  1. The first on our list of Christmas films is Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. This Claymation film has been a classic for generations.
  2. The second favorite is The Nightmare Before Christmas because it is a scary and funny movie. Since it isn’t a typical Christmas movie, it might be a good one to watch if you have a Scrooge amongst your movie viewers.
  3. The third choice for favorite holiday movie is Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. This movie of the grumpy Grinch transforming to someone who understands the meaning of Christmas is a family favorite. It explains why you shouldn’t be upset on the holidays and is an all-around great movie.
  4. The forth favorite movie is Elf because it is a hilarious movie that brings tons of laughter to its whole audience. Everyone, from parents to kids to grandparents, are sure to enjoy this Will Ferrell classic.
  5. The fifth and final most favorite movie is The Polar Express because it is the best movie out there and it was an instant classic as soon as it was released. This movie is so popular because it is a great movie to watch with your family and it’s not too funny or scary at all; it’s right in the middle – perfect for kids.


Everyone has their own opinions on their favorite Christmas movie and they’re all different. Christmas is most of people’s favorite time of the year.  So, this year, spend all day with your family and watch some outstanding movies.

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