Sledding, Skiing, and Skating this Winter

By: Taylor Lucks

Now that the weather is starting to get colder, Eisenhower students are wondering if they’re going to be stuck inside or able to go outside to play in the snow. There are so many cool activities that are available to do during this winter season, from building a snow man to sledding down a hill, skiing, or even ice skating.

The Squire has come to you with some new ideas and opportunities to keep our students busy this winter. One of things that Eisenhower offers is the ski club. Peek n’ Peak is one of the largest ski resorts around here. Peek n’ Peak has many different activities to do at the resort. At the resort, you can sled ride and do cross country or downhill skiing. Even if you don’t do ski club, you can still go with friends and family. To stay at Peek n’ Peak is $79 a night. Check out the website for more details and special deals.  Holiday Valley Resort, near Ellicotville, NY is also another popular local ski resort.

Another idea if you want to go have some fun outdoors is the Warren County Winter Fest. The Winter Fest has so many amazing opportunities and fun adventures. Best of all, it is free to attend. At the fest, there’s food and crafts for the little kids, or, if you get too cold, you can go in the lodge. There is ice fishing on the lake and there is a section where you are allowed to ice skate. Also, a really cool thing they do is the polar bear plunge. There is sled riding and skiing, and a 32 mile sled dog race. The Winter Fest will be held at Chapman State Park on January 16-18, 2016.

If you just want to go ice skating, then the Jamestown Saving Bank Ice Arena is the place to go. Through the month of December, tickets are only $7 to go and skate. The ice arena has skating programs you can sign up for or even just go and have fun with friends.

There are so many fun things you can do this winter. Get your friends together and go have fun. Don’t be stuck indoors all day long when you can be sledding or skiing down a hill, or even skating on ice.

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