The Teacher Spotlight Shines  on Mrs. Ludwig 

By: Kiley Youngberg 

     Most of you may know Mrs. Ludwig as one of the best English teachers here at Eisenhower. Mrs. Ludwig has been working at Eisenhower for several years. Throughout the years, Mrs. Ludwig has taught many different grade levels, and this year is no exception. She is currently teaching mostly grades 9 and 10 and as one of her students, I personally think that she is an amazing teacher.  

     To get more insight about Mrs. Ludwig, The Squire asked her a few questions: 

The SquireWhat is your favorite thing about being a teacher? 

Mrs. Ludwig: Watching the lightbulb come on when students “get it.” This year, I have students cheer if they get their sentence diagrams correct. 

TSWhy did you decide to become a teacher? 

Mrs. L: I love literature and I wanted to share and to boss around teenagers – Just Kidding!!! 

TSWhat’s one thing you would be doing if you were not a teacher? 

Mrs. L: I would be reading books for pleasure, writing a novel, and acting in a play. 

TSDo you like being a teacher and why?  

Mrs. L: If you do not love being a teacher, you won’t stay in the profession of long hours of grading homework at home…you must love what you do. 

TSWhat is your least favorite thing about being a teacher? 

Mrs. L: Saying “pull up your masks!” 800 times a day! 

TS: What do you enjoy doing outside of school? 

Mrs. L: Reading, puttering in my flower gardens, being outside – I am buying a Kayak this year. I love my kids and we respect the pandemic rules, so this year we did not see each other much. We are all vaccinated now – let the mom visits commence! 

TSWhat are you most looking forward to this summer? 

Mrs. L: It has been a stressful year – simply relaxing and regrouping is the first thing. My two pups and my cat are tired of me leaving every day. I will enjoy lots of porch sitting, since I am having a new porch built this spring.  

TSWhat is a positive highlight from this difficult school year? 

Mrs. L: I had some nice classes this year; they cheered when they did their bellringer work correctly! The students have been challenged by this year as well, and most of my classes made the best of it! 

     Some time when you are walking down the G hallway, stop in and congratulate her for being this issue’s teacher spotlight. 

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