Top Ten Christmas Dishes

By: Rachel Bimber

What are you having for Christmas dinner? In most families, Christmas dinner is a big meal and takes a while to prepare. Whether it is ham, turkey, chicken, or something else, mothers around the world take a lot of time to make the feast a special time.

Based on a gathered survey of Eisenhower students, some of the most common foods eaten on Christmas are ham, turkeys, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce, fruit cake, pies, and pumpkin rolls. These tasty treats are part of Christmas tradition and have been eaten within families for years.

So what are some common Christmas meals that Eisenhower Knights like to enjoy? The Squire interviewed a few fellow Knights about their traditional Christmas meals. First, we interviewed Joshua Haight.

The Squire: So what does your family traditionally eat for a Christmas meal?

Joshua Haight: My family eats a lot of ham and mashed potatoes.

TS: What is your favorite food on Christmas?

JH: Pumpkin rolls.

TS: What is your favorite Christmas treat?

JH: Hard tack candy.

     We also asked Kelly Glotz about his family traditions.

The Squire: What does your family generally eat for a Christmas meal?

Kelly Glotz: Ham and mashed potatoes.

TS: That seems to be a favorite. What is your favorite part of Christmas dinner?

KG: Broiled tilapia. It’s a type of fish that’s broiled to how you want it.

TS: What is your favorite treat after eating Christmas dinner?

KG: Pumpkin rolls. Walmart makes the best.

TS: Is there any other particular foods that you look forward to on Christmas?

KG: Red velvet cupcakes.

TS: Why do you look forward to that?

KG: It’s been a family tradition even before my birth and all I want to do is carry on my family’s legacy.

If you decide that you want to change things up for Christmas, you can find many tasty recipes at You will find lists of delicious Christmas recipes that are sure to please your family and guests. So, what will you be having this Christmas dinner?

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