Picking the Perfect Present

By: Samara Warren Media Manager

It’s that special time of year again and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit with Christmas movies, music, and their favorite ugly sweaters. This time of year is about spending time with your family and giving them the perfect present that you know they will love. Everyone is rushing around, buying gifts for their parents, siblings, or significant others. Picking out gifts for your family or friends can be a difficult task, so here are a few tips on how to survive the holiday season.

Trying to figure out what people are interested in can be a key component when buying gifts for them. For example, my grandma loves French vanilla ice cream and candles, so I bought her a French vanilla scented candle last year. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend what their favorite colors are, or think about what colors you think look best on them and buy them a shirt of that color. Gloves for your mom or sister can be easy and very useful, and you can also buy jewelry, perfume, or fuzzy socks to keep them warm during the cold months. A lot of stores will sell cologne, body wash, and aftershave in convenient packs that would be beneficial for your brother or your dad. If you are only buying for one person this year, a great idea would be to make them a homemade gift, or find the perfect funny gift.

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be stressful this year if you play it smart. People will appreciate the effort you put into picking out a present for them. Great places for Christmas shopping would be Kohl’s or Target in Erie. If you don’t feel like braving the holiday shopping crowds, try shopping online at Amazon or Wanelo. Good luck finding that perfect present!

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