EHS Boys' Winter Sports

Kicking off Boys’ Winter Sports

By: Logan R. Eadie

Do you like to get rowdy with your fellow EHS students? Well, winter sports are in full effect here at Eisenhower and there are going to be plenty of opportunities to cheer on your friends and fellow classmates at THE BARN (EHS gym).

The boys’ winter sports here at the high school are basketball, wrestling and now cheerleading. The newly offered sport of cheerleading was a big hit with the three biggest studs on the EHS football team, Adam Pascuzzi, Jeremy Carlson and Bryon Braswell. They are a welcome addition to the squad and make them look more official. The basketball team is coached by Mr. Allenson, an art teacher here at Eisenhower. Coach Allenson is supported by Ryan Williams, a former EHS basketball star who graduated in 2013. This year’s soul senior on the basketball team is Casey Vincent. Eisenhower wrestling is coming back from a less than stellar season last year. Wrestling is being coached by Greg Gourley with assistant coach Kyle Woodburn. This year’s seniors are Louie Head and Seth Brendlinger. The Squire managed to secure an interview with captain and star athlete Louie Head.

The Squire: How’s the team looking this year Louie?

Louie Head: Decent, we’ll probably win some and lose some.

TS: How about the competition?

LH: We have some tough competition considering some are state medal holders.

TS: How do you like the new and improved wrestling room?

LH: It’s pretty nice, we got some new NCAA mats that some of the best wrestlers in the nation have wrestled on, and are still being wrestled on by of course: me.

TS: Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule of cutting weight and getting sweaty.

LH: You’re welcome, I do it for the fans.

All of us here at the Squire hope to see you gettin’ rowdy at the Barn at EHS.

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