Knights Score a Victory at Homecoming Game 2015

Knights Score a Victory at Homecoming Game

By: Grant Venman

The Knights came out with a bang homecoming night when Jonah Samuelson returned the opening kickoff 50 yards down to the Panthers 25 yard line. On the Knights’ first offensive play, quarterback Louie Head handed the ball off to running back Bryon Braswell, who ran the ball 35 yards for the first score of the game. The Knights never looked back. The Panthers got the ball on the 20 yard line after a touch back and the Knights’ defense held the Panthers offense to a 3 and out. The Knights’ second drive was stopped by a series of penalties, but Thomas Warren picked up the slack of defense with an interception on third down giving the Knights’ offense another chance.  Head made a play on a 30 yard run and then threw the ball to Warren for a second touchdown. The Panthers tried a fourth down conversion, but came up short, giving the Knights the ball deep in Saegertown territory. A screen pass to Adam Pascuzzi gave the Knights a three score lead going into the second quarter.

The Knights’ kickoff team recovered a kickoff to give them the ball in good field position to start the second quarter and after a few rush attempts, Pascuzzi broke through for another Eisenhower score.  The Knights’ defense made another quick stop and Head took advantage of the drive, making a 30 yard run for Eisenhower’s fifth score. After his touchdown, Head was replaced at quarterback by his younger brother, Spencer Head.  Spencer got a drive of his own rolling with a 30 yard completion to Warren, which led to a 20 yard touchdown run by S Head with no time remaining in the first half.

Matt Huling rushed for the only Knight score in the second half of the game. However, several younger players played well in the final two quarters keeping the Panthers off the score board. The Squire interviewed quarterback, Louie Head about the game.

The Squire: At what point did you know that you were going to win the game?

Louie Head: The first play when I handed the ball off to Bryon for a 30 yard touchdown run, I knew we were going to be alright.

TS: How efficient did you run your offense throughout the night?

LH: We had 6 different people score touchdowns and two backs with over 50 yards rushing. Our pass completion percentage was 80 percent, so over all everything ran smoothly.

TS: Despite the score, there were a lot of penalties on offense. What was the cause of those?

LH: I just think our boys were excited and ready to go for the game and got a little jumpy up front, but we got settled in going into the second quarter.

TS: After seeing your younger brother get in there at quarterback in the second half, do you think the Head quarterback legacy will be carried on after you graduate?

LH: He went in there, threw a couple good passes and rushed for a touchdown, so I think he will do well for the future team.

The Knights football team still has five more games this season, so, if you missed the homecoming game, come out and support the Knights before the season is over. Good luck, boys!

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