Knights Rally for the Win

Knights Rally for the Win

By: Alexandra Hagberg Photo Editor

On Thursday, Student council hosted a pep assembly in the gym to get our Knights pumped up for Friday’s Homecoming game against Saegertown. The event started off with an announcement of all the individual sports, in which members of each team would stand up and be recognized for their commitment to Eisenhower athletics. The Eisenhower cheerleaders then preformed their annual homecoming dance.

The fun started rolling with a donut eating contest between the girls and boys soccer teams. There was no clear winner because both teams lacked the skill that’s involved when eating a donut off of a string. Following the contest was the Homecoming court walk. Grant Venman and Samara Warren aroused the crowd with the classic imaginary lasso move as they made their way onto the basketball court. After that, members of our football team split off into two groups to compete in the ultimate relay race. The Two teams were coached by student council members, Abby Lundmark and Mallory Trumbull.

The race began with a contest where you have to pass an apple between each other’s necks to get the apple moved from the end of the court to the half. Lundmark’s team took the lead and continued on with a hula hoop game. In the hula hoop game, all members of each team must pass through the hula hoop while keeping their hands intertwined. This competition was troublesome for Lundmark’s team, but Trumbull’s team prospered. Next game was leap frog. Both of the teams did great on this, but lundmark’s team was especially fast. The relay ended with a frozen t-shirt contest. The players had to get their shirt unfrozen enough to put on. This was quite the challenge. Players were running outside trying to smash their shirt and into the locker room to run it under hot water. Nothing seemed to work.  At the end of the relay, the only player to get his shirt on was Grant Venman. The winner of the relay race was inconclusive.

To bring the assembly to a close, the Knights rallied together for our Eisenhower battle cry!

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