Deer Season is Back Again

By: Brycen Woodin

That’s right, deer season is back again, folks. As you head out to track down that monster buck this season, you better make sure you’re ready for the weather fall hunting brings with it.

To make sure you have the best clothing for the job, you need to make sure you have bibs, a heavy jacket, and long sleeve under clothing. Also, you should have very thick wool socks to make sure your toes don’t go numb. To get these items, you can go to Erie Field and Stream, a local Walmart, or Dunham’s in Warren.

Another thing that you can do to be prepared for the weather of deer season is to buy a small propane heater to always keep your hands warm if you hunt in a tree stand or if you hunt in a shanty. You can get a propane heater at Home Depot or Lowes or, if you live closer to Sugar Grove, you can get one from Wilcox brothers. If you’re hunting from a shanty that has a wood stove, you can always go to Kwik Fill in Sugar Grove and get a bundle of warmth for your wood stove.


The Squire interviewed outdoor expert, Mr.Stimmell, and he gave us some valuable information on how he approaches hunting and what he does in preparation to deer season starting.

The Squire: What do you do before hunting season starts every year?

Mr. Stimmell:  Each year, I am sure to do lots of scouting, shooting, and preparation.

TS: What type of rifle do you use for deer season?

MS: On years I don’t kill one with a bow, I use a Winchester model 70.30-06. It’s a pre-64.

TS: What brand of rifle and caliber would you prefer for a new hunter for deer season?

MS:  I think a 243 is a great caliber for new or young hunters. As far as brands go, I have always favored Winchesters, Remington’s, Marlins, and Henrys.

TS: What are the pros and cons of hunting in a tree stand vs. hunting out of a shanty?

MS: Tree stands provide you with an elevated vantage point where you can see more area and keeps you out of the deer’s line of sight, most of the time.  Shanties, I assume you are referring to shanties on the ground, are nice if you are hunting thick ground cover areas where trees are not always an option. Scent or extra movement can become a problem sometimes on the ground as opposed to a tree, but, if a deer is going to smell you, it doesn’t really matter what you do. They will still smell you and bolt.

TS: What kind of traditions do you have every year for deer season?

MS: Most of my deer hunting is done in archery season, so I really don’t have much as far as traditions go.  So I bounce around each year and visit friends at various camps and hang out instead.

TS: What opinions do you have about deer season being on a Saturday this year?

MS: Personally, I don’t care for it. More guys in the woods is not always best. A Saturday opener also messes up many people’s yearly traditions for deer camp and places it too close to Thanksgiving, giving hunters less time between family Thanksgiving time, and deer camp or hunting time. Unfortunately, the game commission is at a point where they are about willing to do anything in order to sell more licenses.

We want to thank you for letting us interview you for The Squire, Mr. Stimmell. For our readers who interested in learning more about hunting, you can go to the fish and game website for more information or even stop in and visit with our very own expert, Mr. Stimmell. Good luck!

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