Student Spotlight: Katie Enos

By: Chris Sanders

For this edition of student spotlight, The Squire went right to the best voice in the school, Katie Enos. Katie is a senior at EHS, and is the lead singer in the band, The Flock. The Flock is a Christian rock band that tries to spread the message of God and plays often at several local venues. We caught up with Katie and asked her a few questions about the next steps for her and the band.

The Squire: How does it feel to finally be a senior?

Katie Enos: It feels good because all of the hard work has been paid off. I guess it has been a good accomplishment.

TS: I hear you are in a band, how is that going?

KE: It’s going really good, we have a big future ahead of us and we are looking forward to the next gigs and chances we have to play some great music together.

TS: What are your plans after high school?

KE: Well the band is part of a ministry, so I plan on pursuing a career in the ministry field. I hope to work towards making my dreams come true, but right now I just want to have fun living my life.

TS: How long has The Flock been together?

KE: Well it all started last April, I believe; our first show was actually on Good Friday.

TS: When do you believe you will be in Nashville recording?

KE: (She laughs) Right now, the band is on God’s timeline so really we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

TS: Who’s the biggest star in music that you look up to?

KE: The band would like to be like Hillsong, because they write music that churches in the entire world use.

This June, Katie will be graduating and will work towards accomplishing all of her goals with her band. She is a classic story of a girl chasing her dreams and having faith in what she believes. If you have a chance to go see Katie and the band play, take it, it would be worth it to watch and listen to some great tunes. We hope that Katie follows what her heart wants and does great things in the near future.

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