Spring into Acton

Spring into Action

By: Sarah West

Spring is finally here, which means more sunshine and more fun seasonal activities. The warmer weather is coming, and many of us are excited to finally get outside after being cooped up in the house all winter due to the harsh weather conditions. Now we can actually go outside without freezing to death!

Now with spring officially here, there are many fun and exciting things to do. Spring also brings in new sports like softball, track and field, baseball, and many others that are meant for warmer weather. There are many other activities too, not just outdoor activities but indoor activities for people who don’t enjoy the outdoors as much. Also, since the warmer weather is in, it means much more traveling can be done. People can begin planning for trips and vacations to get away for a while to enjoy the excitement that nicer weather brings.

The Squire interviewed Jade Fox, a sophomore, about what spring activities she enjoys. When asked what her favorite thing about spring is, she said, “I really like spring because I finally get to wear cute clothes, like shorts, and I can go swimming.” Jade said her favorite activities in the spring are running, swimming, and hiking. She shared, “I really enjoy running, swimming and hiking because it makes me feel energized and I like the fresh air the outdoors bring.” This time of year, Jade enjoys travelling, explaining, “I usually go to Splash Lagoon and Darien Lake every year when the weather begins to get nicer.” Jade also shared that she wished she could participate in some of the fun spring sports EHS has to offer, but she can’t, “because I have a job I start during the spring months. I would like to, but I wouldn’t have time, so I stick to my own activities outside of school.”

So, since spring is finally here, everyone should try getting out and participating in all the fun things there are to do. Maybe you can try a new sport or go on an exciting trip or vacation you’ve never experienced. The weather is getting nicer, so now is a great time to take advantage of it and start springing into action.

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