Preparing for College and SATs

By: Matthew Vibbert

As the school year gets closer to ending, seniors and soon-to-be seniors are getting themselves ready to go off to college, but first they are preparing to take one of the biggest worries for everyone who might be considering college: the SATs.

They’re one of the most important tests, and one of the biggest stresses for those who plan to go to college. In preparation for acceptance into many colleges, students are required to take the SATs, but are able to retake them to upgrade their previous score. Though there are some colleges that don’t require them, most do, and there are numerous practice tests available to be taken throughout the year. Check out for practice tests and testing information.  Depending on your college of choice, you may be required to take the test, and also might need to have a specific scoring to be accepted.

     The Squire interviewed senior William Schwanke about how he views the SAT tests and preparations for college.

The Squire: What are some important things to consider when it comes to people preparing for college?

William Schwanke: Getting to know the area is important because there may be areas that should be avoided, and preparing for life on your own because there will not be a parent there to help you get through college.

TS: When and how many times do you feel that people should take SATs?

WS: SATs are all up to the person, but you can possibly get a better score if you take them again.

TS: How important do you feel that SATs and college visits are?

WS: The importance placed on SATs depends on the college and their use, but regardless I would say give it your best shot. The number of college visits are up to the person, in my opinion, because sometimes all it takes is one visit to one place, but other times you might need or want another visit to weigh your options.

TS: When do you think people should start preparing themselves for college?

WS: Mentally, people should start preparing heading into senior year and during their senior year. Physically, with all the paperwork and whatever else needs to be done, preparations should be done throughout senior year.

TS: What are some important things for people taking SATs and preparing for college to know?

WS: Apply yourselves and give maximum effort at both the SAT test and preparing for college.

As you get closer to your graduation, be sure to keep an eye out for the colleges you’re planning to go to and be sure to know if they require you to take the SATs, as well as whether there is a specific score that is required for acceptance. Also pay attention to test dates since you do need to sign up before the test, or you’ll pay a late fee for signing up.  See the guidance office here at EHS for more details about testing and college visits. Overall, preparing for college and taking the SATs are very important steps to take as they’re some of the first major tasks on students’ to-do list as they prepare for college.

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