Flying into Summer at the Shore

By: Amber Gardner

School is quickly coming to an end as we reach the final marking period for the year. This means we are one step closer to the end of the school year, and even closer to those summer vacations all families love! Many families in Warren County take a vacation every summer to get out of the same old small town we are always stuck in. The Squire did some research and also gathered opinions of various students who take regular vacations when the school year ends. We found some of the best, most common beaches, not too far away, where people have a blast during the summer!

The top pick was Ocean City, Maryland. This beach has a great deal of high school graduates who go to celebrate their freedom from high school each summer. It has a beautiful, calm atmosphere and a great deal of activities that can be done while you’re visiting. Another common beach not too far from Pennsylvania is Bethany Beach, Delaware. Bethany Beach is a great place for extended family getaways. Families contentedly explore the boardwalk and side streets for fun and shopping, gathering for free concerts on weekend evenings, and even movies on the beach. The Squire had the chance to interview Anthony Monde about his annual beach vacation.

The Squire: Where is your annual beach vacation?

Anthony Monde: Virginia Beach.

TS: What kind of activities do you do there?

AM: My family and I go shopping, visit various restaurants, and swim in the ocean.

TS: What’s the weather usually like?

AM: It’s always in the 70s and the 80s. When I get lucky, it’s in the 90s.

TS: How many days do you spend there?

AM: A week and a half.

TS: Why does your family choose that beach in particular?

AM: There’s just so much to do and the weather is great. The beach is calming, and there is a large variety of great places to stay.

TS: What’s your favorite part of Virginia Beach?

AM: The hot sand between my toes.

TS: Would you recommend this beach to other people? Why?

AM: Yes, I would love to recommend this beach to other people because it’s so soothing and calming. You will have high spirits your entire visit.

There is a large variety of amazing opportunities for summer vacations you can take while you’re out of school. Start planning your annual vacation at one of these spectacular beaches today!

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