Looking Snazzy 101

By: Jarrett Johnson

So you want to look good, huh? Well listen up, young man, because you’re about to take a trip to Classville. In this article, you will learn all the ins and outs about looking like a yacht club member while still living in that trailer. So, I will advise you right now to just throw out your entire closet and open those ears and that wallet.

This year in fashion, the tighter look is in and those baggy old Southpoles are out. This year is more of a European or mid 50’s-60’s look. People are really stepping up their games with the classy look. It is a lot of cardigans or blazers with tight color pants. Now, when I say colored pants, I mean like pastel or a shade of dark colors – none of that weird jazzy bright yellow pants stuff. Button ups and polos will match under those tops we recommended earlier. Depending on the weather, the thickness of the sweater can change. If it is cold, wear a regular sweater over a button up, and keep the collar outside showing. If it is warmer, wear a cardigan unbuttoned to show off that killer button up.

Another new thing in this year is joggers; they have been sweeping the nation lately in everything from sweatpants to leather. They will go with almost any outfit and you can wear them either working out or dressing up; they look great! Believe it or not, scarves are coming back in, hot! Anytime you’re wearing a pea coat or sweater, a scarf will go along perfectly.

Make sure you try to match your patterns all together. Everyone loves a well put together outfit. Nobody likes camo shorts and plaid button ups together because that is just a wonky combo. So, when looking for fashion, such as this we recommend, look more towards online shopping, because I promise the Warren area doesn’t really carry the trendiest of fashion options. So, remember these tips to make sure you get out there and get snazzy!

jj fashion

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