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Prepping for Halloween

By: Alisen Hazeltine

It’s the spookiest time of the year. Are you pumped for Halloween? Many people throughout the community have various ways of showing off their holiday spirit. People often decorate their homes, bake sweet treats, and create the wackiest costumes to flaunt while trick or treating. If you want a little heads up, The Squire is here to help you brainstorm some ideas for the upcoming festivities. Continue reading Prepping for Halloween

Eating Your Way to a Healthier You

By: Mitchyl Hedman

With summer on its way, it seems like everyone is getting their bodies swimsuit ready. Although working out is great, it doesn’t have to be the only way for you to become fit. Eating healthy also plays a key role. The technology that we have today allows us to find recipes almost instantly. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons and testing out the recipe. Continue reading Eating Your Way to a Healthier You