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Elementary Spotlight: Olivia Hummel

By: Mitchyl Hedman

Since school construction was completed last year, The Squire has been doing Elementary Spotlights for exceptional students at Eisenhower Elementary. In efforts to get involved with the elementary students on the Eisenhower campus, The Squire set out to find a student who is both amicable and determined. Olivia Hummel is a student who showed both characteristics in her academics. Continue reading Elementary Spotlight: Olivia Hummel

Kids’ Christmas Outlook

By: Jacob Hamilton

Even though there is no snow and it looks like spring outside, Christmas is just around the corner. Kids are getting ready for all the festivities and excited for all the fun and cheer. Some are excited for the presents, some for the movies and music, and some for the time with family. But, overwhelmingly, the Christmas Spirit is in full swing and everyone is in the mood. Continue reading Kids’ Christmas Outlook

Elementary Spotlight: Conner Briggs

By: Mitchyl Hedman

Over the past few months, the Eisenhower High School journalism classes have been visiting the kindergarten classes. They started their visits by reading children’s stories to the kindergarteners. This was done so that the kindergarteners would feel more comfortable with the journalism students upon their return in the following weeks. On their next visit, the students asked the kindergarteners to write a storybook of their own with them. They worked to collaborate on ideas with the kindergarteners to form a story that would later be presented to the kindergarten class. The journalism students spent a few weeks creating the stories on Microsoft PowerPoint, which allowed them to create characters with animations and add audio to their stories. Continue reading Elementary Spotlight: Conner Briggs