EHS senior, Jacob Hamilton, poses with an EES student.

Kids’ Christmas Outlook

By: Jacob Hamilton

Even though there is no snow and it looks like spring outside, Christmas is just around the corner. Kids are getting ready for all the festivities and excited for all the fun and cheer. Some are excited for the presents, some for the movies and music, and some for the time with family. But, overwhelmingly, the Christmas Spirit is in full swing and everyone is in the mood.

The Squire went down to Eisenhower Elementary to talk to some of the kids about the upcoming holiday. Surprisingly, almost all of them were most excited about the presents and time off of school. One little girl, Rebecca Penley, was most excited to spend time with her family. This young lady knows the true Christmas Spirit, and most children only thinking about presents could learn a big lesson from a kind-hearted girl like her. Presents are part of the holiday, though, and some of the Eisenhower Elementary favorites were dolls, video games, Legos, dirt bikes, and iPods.

The Squire asked the kids what their favorite Christmas song was, and “Rudolph” and “Jingle Bells” were the only two answers I got. If anyone has kids and wants to know what movie to watch with them, according to the kids of Eisenhower, Frosty the Snowman is a great choice. Home Alone is always a classic choice if you are looking for a more adventurous movie. Movies are a great entertainment over the long break.

Christmas is a magical time when people come together and give thanks for what and who they have. It is the best time of the year, for students get a long break and have plenty to do. So get together with your family and enjoy the quality time, especially with the young ones who still get the full experience. Just because the weather isn’t cheery doesn’t mean you can’t be!

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