Elementary Spotlight: Olivia Hummel

Elementary Spotlight: Olivia Hummel

By: Mitchyl Hedman

Since school construction was completed last year, The Squire has been doing Elementary Spotlights for exceptional students at Eisenhower Elementary. In efforts to get involved with the elementary students on the Eisenhower campus, The Squire set out to find a student who is both amicable and determined. Olivia Hummel is a student who showed both characteristics in her academics. The Squire took this time to ask Olivia a few questions about her interesting life.

The Squire: What grade are you in?

Olivia Hummel: Fifth grade.

TS: Why do you like school?

OH: I like school because I get to see my friends.

TS: What is your favorite part of the day?

OH: Reading.

TS: Why is that?

OH: Because I get to learn about similes and metaphors.

TS: Do you read many books?

OH: Yes.

TS: What is your favorite kind of books?

OH: Mysteries.

TS: What is your favorite mystery book?

OH: The Nancy Drew series.

TS: Do you play any sports?

OH: I used to wrestle and I would like to start gymnastics.

TS: Do you have any pets?

OH: Yes, a Border Collie, English Bulldog, cats, and birds.

TS: Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?

OH: No, not really.

TS: Your teacher mentioned that you are going to the spelling bee; could you tell us a little about that?

OH: We had class spelling bees and then the five finalists competed to see who would continue on, I won the finals.

     Olivia is a fifth grade student in Mrs. Head’s class. Her academics are a large part of her daily life. She is the only student from Eisenhower Elementary School who will be continuing on in the spelling bee. This is a great achievement and we look forward to receiving the news of how Olivia does in the spelling bee!

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