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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Leonhardt

By: Taylor Haner

Spanish has always been a fun subject for students to take here at Eisenhower High School. What makes it so great are the teachers who make it so enjoyable! In the past, Mrs. Rozanski was the Spanish teacher who made the classroom a positive environment for students to learn and feel confident in while learning a new language. Two years ago she decided to leave Eisenhower and transfer to Warren, but her leaving brought us a new teacher: Miss Caldwell. Miss Caldwell was new to teaching and right out of college, but she still did an excellent job at bringing lots of fun to the classroom. This year, the Spanish job opened up again and was taken by Mr.Leonhardt. Continue reading Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Leonhardt

Food Drive Brings Christmas Cheer

Before the long Christmas break, Eisenhower students and staff were challenged to completely cover their door with food for the annual food drive.  Because some families in the community were unable to be provided with food for the holidays, EHS came together to help those families in need and give them a great Christmas.  In reward for completely blocking off the doors with food, those classes would be awarded a “fun day” in which they could celebrate the upcoming holidays.  Eisenhower raised nearly 2,800 items in just two weeks.  The students and staff loved providing food for less fortunate families in our community, and the families receiving the food were very grateful to have had a wonderful Christmas.

Top Five Christmas Movies

By: Justin Perrin

Christmas is the best time of the whole year, and everyone loves the holidays because they get to open a lot of amazing presents, spend some quality time with their families, and just have a wonderful time. You can do several different things with your family to make you all happy, and the most common one is to sit down and watch a movie together because you’re spending time with the ones you love. Continue reading Top Five Christmas Movies