EHS Teacher Spotlight: Spanish teacher, Mr. Leonhardt

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Leonhardt

By: Taylor Haner

Spanish has always been a fun subject for students to take here at Eisenhower High School. What makes it so great are the teachers who make it so enjoyable! In the past, Mrs. Rozanski was the Spanish teacher who made the classroom a positive environment for students to learn and feel confident in while learning a new language. Two years ago she decided to leave Eisenhower and transfer to Warren, but her leaving brought us a new teacher: Miss Caldwell. Miss Caldwell was new to teaching and right out of college, but she still did an excellent job at bringing lots of fun to the classroom. This year, the Spanish job opened up again and was taken by Mr.Leonhardt. Since this is his first year, we don’t know much about him and that’s what The Squire is here to find out.

The Squire: Where have you taught in the past?

ML: I taught for six years at Sheffield High. Before that, I taught for three years in Juanita County, PA. I also taught my dog to play poker, but every time he gets a good hand, he wags his tail.

TS: What do you think of Eisenhower?

ML: Do you mean the school or the former president? As for the school, it’s a great place. I really like it here. As for the president…well, I didn’t vote for him.

TS: How long have you been teaching Spanish?

ML: This is my eleventh year teaching. Or, you could say, I’ve been teaching for 125 months. That’s also 77 in dog years.

TS: Where did you graduate from high school?

ML: The auditorium. The high school I attended was Neshannock, located just North of New Castle, PA.

TS: Have you traveled to any Spanish speaking countries? If so, where?

ML: The U.S. is a Spanish speaking country. I went there once for 37 years. I also studied in Spain.

TS: Is there anything else you would like the Eisenhower students and staff to know about you?

ML: My shoe size is 8.5 wide and once I saw a blimp.

Mr. Leonhardt is a great member to the team here at Eisenhower Middle High School and we are lucky to have him as our Spanish teacher. Thank you for your time, Mr. Leonhardt, and good luck with the rest of your year!

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