Picking Your Favorite Holiday Treat

By: Jordyn Cooper 

     The holidays are here, which means all your favorite holiday treats are in season. There are numerous different recipes to try out, although you can never go wrong with store bought desserts if you do not have time to make your own.  

     The Squire asked the students of Eisenhower which holiday treats they preferred through a poll on social media. The poll revealed that the students prefer Christmas cookies over holiday fudge. Between gingerbread houses and gingerbread men, gingerbread houses had the most votes. It also showed that peppermint bark is favored over Christmas cake. Candy canes were chosen as opposed to butter toffee. We also asked which holiday drink the students prefer, eggnog or hot chocolate. Over fifty percent of voters chose hot chocolate. The last option was gingerbread cake or candy cane pretzels. The students favored candy cane pretzels over gingerbread cake. 

     The most popular holiday treat eaten during the Christmas season is cookies. These festive treats are one of the easiest items that you can make if you prefer to bake over buying your desserts. The Squire researched some of the most well-liked holiday cookies on tasteofhome.com. First on the list is jeweled coconut drops, followed by peppermint meltaways, buttery spritz cookies, whipped shortbread, vanilla-butter sugar cookies, cranberry-white chocolate cookies, Scottish shortbread, eggnog cookies, and dipped gingersnaps. 

     Another classic favorite is peppermint bark. The Squire found that it is also a favorite on pinterest.com. There are countless methods of making this holiday treat. Some recipes only require two ingredients, white chocolate and peppermint. They can be purchased at your local supermarket. If you are not up for making it, you can always find it in a store nearby during the holidays. 

     Also near the top of the most popular holiday treats is gingerbread. There is the traditional gingerbread man and house, but gingerbread comes in all kinds of different forms, such as actual gingerbread, soft risen cake, flat cookie or biscuit, gingersnaps, and cupcakes. Gingerbread also comes in three different flavors: brown gingerbread, wafer gingerbread, and honey gingerbread. Although gingerbread is a broad category of baked holiday treats, most people’s favorite is the classic gingerbread man cookie. 

     Whether it be homemade or store-bought holiday sweets, these treats make the holiday season more festive and enjoyable. Consider trying out some new holiday recipes or sticking with the traditional Christmas treats this season! 

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