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Soaking in Safe Sun Tips  

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     With the nice, warm weather finally settling in upon us, often everyone’s first instincts are to get outside and start working towards that amazing summer tan that is so popular and desired. However, what is often left to be forgotten is how harmful the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays can really be to the skin. The skin, being the body’s largest and a very vital organ to the body, is extremely important to protect, even if wearing sunscreen and not laying out for hours in hopes to tan isn’t what is exactly popular or trending currently. To ensure that correct and reliable information is being released, The Squire interviewed dermatologist Dr. Wendy Ripple, who works at the AHN Pediatrics Office in Erie, PA to ask questions as to why it is important to protect your skin, and the most efficient ways to do so.  

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Hanging Out Locally This Summer 

By: Abe Wolf 

     With summer break soon approaching, students are working, relaxing, and preparing for the next school year. In their spare time, what are students to do when they are searching for an activity that is not vacation, but also not relaxing at home? They can search for local spots to hang out. If there is anything you should not do in the summer, it is spending all your time at home. Go out and adventure, and use this guide to make the summer of ’23 a great one! 

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Tips for Studying This Testing Season 

By: Rhiannon Cook 

     Spring is a time of many lovely things: Warmer weather, brighter days, blooming flowers, and the expectation of summer. It all makes it easier to feel happy, especially after a long, dreary winter. Just as it is a time to start feeling better, it is also a crucial season for students – its testing season. At Eisenhower, the middle level students are doing their best on the PSSAs, and the high school is preparing for all sorts of tests and exams across the classes and grades. It never hurts to be too prepared for a test, so The Squire interviewed EMHS librarian, Ms. Walter, who has taught a research and study skills class, to find out more about how to properly prepare for testing and how to get the most out of studying. 

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