Hanging Out Locally This Summer 

By: Abe Wolf 

     With summer break soon approaching, students are working, relaxing, and preparing for the next school year. In their spare time, what are students to do when they are searching for an activity that is not vacation, but also not relaxing at home? They can search for local spots to hang out. If there is anything you should not do in the summer, it is spending all your time at home. Go out and adventure, and use this guide to make the summer of ’23 a great one! 

     If you want to get outside, there are many choices for the summer. Hiking at Jake’s Rocks or Rim Rock to view the beautiful Warren County scenery is an option. Family Destinations Guide recommends Jake’s Rocks, stating “…you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of trees and various rock formations”. It also recommends Rim Rock, noting that the overlook is just a few minutes away from the parking lot. With many trails available, you can also mountain bike, bird watch, or picnic at these places. Some other places to do these activities include Hatch Run Trail in North Warren and the Audubon in Jamestown, New York. 

     At some point, you may want to go out to eat with friends or grab a coffee. The Arbor Coffee House in Warren is a great destination for a quick coffee and a bite to eat. With a chill atmosphere and diverse menu, you are likely to be satisfied with your choice. Ida Mae’s in Russell is a great place to dine for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. The modern diner look of the joint compliments this new restaurant. Taylor’s Treats is the place to cool off and get some ice cream. The Plaza, Ribs N’ Bones, and Labyrinth in Jamestown, New York are also places that will satisfy your hunger and thirst as well. 

     Finally, if you want to swim and cool off from the summer sun, then you have many options. You can go to Kinzua Beach, the C.A.R. Pool, and the YMCA. If you want to go slightly out of your way, then Presque Isle in Erie is a great option to chill and have some summer fun. Presque Isle is open year round from dawn to dusk, and has many seasonal attractions. You can find all this information on Presque Isle’s DCNR website, as well as other attractions at https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/FindAPark/PresqueIsleStatePark/Pages/WildlifeWatching.aspx.  

      There are many great ways to spend your summer. You can go out, hike, mountain bike, and do many things outside around the area. There are also many great places to eat and grab an iced coffee to cool off. To get out of the sun, there are many places to hop in some water and cool off. The Squire hopes this guide helps you to make your summer the best there can be, while staying local! 

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