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The Teacher Spotlight Shines  on Mrs. Ludwig 

By: Kiley Youngberg 

     Most of you may know Mrs. Ludwig as one of the best English teachers here at Eisenhower. Mrs. Ludwig has been working at Eisenhower for several years. Throughout the years, Mrs. Ludwig has taught many different grade levels, and this year is no exception. She is currently teaching mostly grades 9 and 10 and as one of her students, I personally think that she is an amazing teacher.  

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Ellie Strausser Takes the Spotlight

By: Zoie Olsen  

     For our Spring issue of The Squire, we decided to turn the student spotlight to a certain outstanding senior. Ellie Strausser is one of the top three students in the class of 2021. She is also President of the senior class, as well as President of National Honor Society. Ellie has been active in both soccer and basketball through the school and was named captain of the soccer team this past season as well.  

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