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Wrapping Up Boys Winter Sports

By: Drew Williams

With winter sports coming to an end, the wrestling team is starting to focus on individual postseason, as the basketball team is striving to get some more wins. It has been a rough season for the basketball team; they cannot quite seem to play hard and good all in the same game. The difference between playing hard and playing good is simple: playing hard is when you are everywhere on the court and playing good is when you are making shots and not making turnovers. Continue reading Wrapping Up Boys Winter Sports

The Squire Breaks Down the 2019 Pro Bowl

By: Jared Beers

The 2019 Pro Bowl was the National Football League’s all-star game for the 2018 NFL season. It was played on January 27, 2019, at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. This game is not meant to be serious; it is just fun for the players. The two coaching staffs select the best players to come play for them. The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff were in charge of the NFC (National Football Conference) team, and the Los Angeles Chargers were in charge of the AFC (American Football Conference) team.  This year, the final score was AFC-26 – NFC-7. Continue reading The Squire Breaks Down the 2019 Pro Bowl