The Squire Breaks Down the 2019 Pro Bowl

By: Jared Beers

The 2019 Pro Bowl was the National Football League’s all-star game for the 2018 NFL season. It was played on January 27, 2019, at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. This game is not meant to be serious; it is just fun for the players. The two coaching staffs select the best players to come play for them. The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff were in charge of the NFC (National Football Conference) team, and the Los Angeles Chargers were in charge of the AFC (American Football Conference) team.  This year, the final score was AFC-26 – NFC-7.

The game is played annually between the AFC and the NFC. The first Pro Bowl dates back to 1951. The defensive MVP of the game was AFC player Jamal Adams, a strong safety for the New York Jets.  The offensive MVP also came from the AFC, and he was Patrick Mahomes, a quarterback on the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Squire interviewed sophomore Logan Abbott and asked him who his favorite player in the Pro Bowl was.  Abbott shared his favorite is, “Patrick Mahomes because he led the AFC offense down the field and he is an all-around a great guy.” When sophomore Owen Trumbull was asked what team he favored, he responded “I really wanted the NFC to win, but they could not pull through.”

The Pro Bowl has many more events than just a game. It has a celebrity flag football game, a dodgeball competition between the players, a skills course, and open practices for the public to watch for free. When The Squire asked sophomore Dillon Benson what his favorite play of the game was he responded, “I really enjoyed when Mike Evans got an interception; it was an amazing catch.”

Some people believe the teams were unbalanced player and coach-wise.  As Brody Porter explained, “I absolutely believe that the teams were unbalanced, the AFC was too stacked for their own good, and they had the best coaching in the league.” Which might just be true showing that the AFC dominated the NFC the whole game.

If you are interested in watching the Pro Bowl next year it is on January 26, 2019. You can find it on ESPN or ABC, at 3:00pm.

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