Celebrating a Lovely Single Valentine’s Day

By: Avalynne Russell

     As love and the delicious smell of chocolate fills the air this Valentine’s Day season, you may find yourself without a lover to celebrate with. But thankfully for this mid-winter issue, The Squire, with a little help from sophomore, Cali Chapman, brings you three ways that you can celebrate this lovely season by yourself or with your other single friends.

     One way you can treat yourself, and maybe even some friends, on Valentine’s Day is to have an at home spa day and go out for dinner. You could do face masks and hair masks while you watch your favorite rom-com on TV, while enjoying an assortment of delicious Valentine’s Day snacks. For example, you could have some chocolate covered strawberries, candy hearts, chocolate roses, pink and red cookies and chocolate covered marshmallows. Another fun activity you could try is to buy a box of assorted chocolates and taste them all, taking turns guessing what kind of chocolate they are. You could also do your own, or each other’s hair, nails, and makeup for some laughs while you get all fancied-up to go out to dinner. You could go anywhere to get dinner, but Chapman shared with The Squire that her favorite restaurant to go to is Olive Garden.

     Another thing that you could do to celebrate is to plan a fun little movie night with your friends and have a little Valentine gift exchange. You could even try to pull an all-nighter so that you can watch all of your favorite rom-coms and eat all of your favorite Valentine’s Day treats. Chapman says that her favorite kind of Valentine’s Day candy is chocolate and that her favorite rom-com is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, so, if you don’t know what to snack on or watch, you could definitely give those a try! As for the gift exchange, you could go as small, or as elaborate as you want! You could exchange things like candy, flowers, cards, or even small presents like gift cards or jewelry to show some love and have some fun with your friends.

     The last idea that we have is to treat yourself by going out and buying all of the candy that you want the next couple of days after Valentine’s Day because it is all on sale! This way, you can have and indulge in all of the candy and chocolate you want without having to spend the extra cash. This idea is definitely smaller than the others, but we think that it is just as sweet.

     No matter how you chose to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we hope that it is filled with all of the love and candy that you could ever want. The Squire would also like to thank Chapman for telling us a little bit about how she likes to celebrate this lovely season. Be sure to check out the other articles in this issue of The Squire to learn a little bit more about our school, among many other fun and entertaining articles, and have a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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