How to Beat Being Single on Valentine’s Day

By: Logan Abbott 

     As we near the middle of winter, a holiday comes along to take away the stress that has been 2021. That is right folks, Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Now imagine the worst-case scenario: being a lonely person on this day meant for love. You might be thinking, “Oh no, whatever shall I do?” Well lucky for you, The Squire has done some research to learn more about how to enjoy the holiday, even if it isn’t spent with that special someone.  

     The Squire decided to interview Mr. Wortman and get his views on being single on Valentine’s Day. He suggested that anyone looking to make the best of the day should just enjoy time with your friends and family if you can or spend some time alone doing something you enjoy. That is a good idea, and very beneficial for the bachelors and bachelorettes of the world.  

     When asked by The Squire about the pros of being single on Valentine’s Day, he shared, “You save money by not buying flowers or an expensive dinner reservation.” When asked about the negative side to being single on the big holiday, he mentioned that another year has gone by, without you finding the chosen one. Another perspective might be that you are one year closer to meeting that special someone, who you can spend many Valentine’s Days to come with.  When The Squire asked Mr. Wortman about his favorite Valentine’s Day hobbies, he said he likes to watch movies, but especially Interstellar, because it is the best.  

     When you are single, you don’t have to impress anyone on this day, which is a huge benefit. However, if you ever do have to impress someone on this day or another special day, Mr. Wortman told The Squire about his favorite restaurant to go to, which is Craft, based in New York City. Craft is an Italian restaurant and is a rather fancy place to eat. Once COVID-19 restrictions are over, it may be worth taking a road trip to check out for a special occasion. 

     When asked by The Squire about whether he prefers to spend the holiday alone, or with family and friends, he explained, “Usually, I prefer alone time. ” However, if company were to arrive, Mr. Wortman would be joyful and jubilant.  

     Lastly, The Squire asked Mr. Wortman about how to beat the Valentine’s Day blues. He shared some insightful advice, “You have plenty of time to find someone special in your life. There is no need to rush into it.” Good tips from him for us to use in real life! 

     Personally, I have been single for many Valentine’s Days. It isn’t such a bad thing. If you are single on Valentine’s Day, you save money, time, and effort. I watch NFL network when I’m alone on this very special day. I can treat myself to KFC, a very cost-effective Valentine’s Day restaurant. The best thing about being single on Valentine’s Day is spending the day however you want and planning your own idea of fun. 

     Remember, keep your head up high and keep in mind there are many Valentine’s Days ahead of you, and they won’t all be spent alone. Make the best of this day and enjoy doing some of your own favorite things. 

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