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Reviewing the Bear Lake Inn

By: Brycen Woodin

When you begin to drive down Greenly Street in Bear Lake, there is a little mom and pop restaurant called the, “Bear Lake Inn.” The Bear Lake Inn has plenty of American fan favorite food that you can enjoy, such as flayed and deep fried fish, a one pound burger, an all you can eat salad bar, and an all you can eat chicken basket. Continue reading Reviewing the Bear Lake Inn

Nominating the Best: Oscars 2020

By: Courtney Arp

The Academy Awards, more commonly known as the Oscars, are back for their 92nd year. The Oscars are awards for “artistic and technical merit” in the film industry. The award show is important for different reasons, one of which being that if an actor wins one, they could get more popular, get more work, and get people to take them more seriously. For many actors and film makers, it is a career goal to be nominated for, or win an Oscar. Continue reading Nominating the Best: Oscars 2020

Becoming Politically Involved in 2020

By: Payton Hefright

Whether it’s social media, the results of the last presidential election, or a number of other factors, young people across the country seem to be taking an increasingly strong stance on politics. With organizations like Rock the Vote, Head Count, and other initiatives with focuses on a variety of issues, young people are being encouraged to exercise that right now more than ever. They see ads on Instagram, posts and tweets of celebrities bearing an “I Voted” sticker, in addition to hearing the urgent claims that they can make a difference. According to, among 18 to 29-year-olds, voter turnout went from 20 percent in 2014 to 36 percent in 2018, the largest percentage point increase for any age group — a 79 percent jump. Continue reading Becoming Politically Involved in 2020