Nominating the Best: Oscars 2020

By: Courtney Arp

The Academy Awards, more commonly known as the Oscars, are back for their 92nd year. The Oscars are awards for “artistic and technical merit” in the film industry. The award show is important for different reasons, one of which being that if an actor wins one, they could get more popular, get more work, and get people to take them more seriously. For many actors and film makers, it is a career goal to be nominated for, or win an Oscar.

While conducting research on the upcoming 2020 Academy Awards show, The Squire interviewed annual Oscar watcher, Payton Hefright, on her thoughts for this year’s show. To start off the interview, we asked who she thinks is going to go home with the most awards. She replied, “I think Parasite is going to go home with the most awards because it’s a really good movie and it deserves the awards.” The South Korean movie, Parasite, is about members of a poor home scheming to become employees of a very wealthy family by posing as qualified individuals. Parasite is nominated for six awards this year.

Another question we asked Hefright was who her favorite actors/actresses are. She responded by sharing, “my favorite actor is Joaquin Phoenix and my favorite actress is probably Saoirse Ronan.” She went on to explain, “They’re both really talented and diverse people.”

Hefright’s favorite category in the Oscars is ‘best screenplay’ because she appreciates the writing and the films in that particular category. Best screenplay is just one of many categories nominees have the chance to win. According to, there are at least 28 categories and this year there are at least 87 nominees.

Hefright’s favorite part of the show is when they announce the awards, and she feels “It builds up anticipation and makes you wonder when they’ll announce the best picture.” While Hefright is a huge fan of the Academy Awards, she does get a bit annoyed at the actor’s jokes and side conversations they have up on the stage.

Remember the Oscars awards show is on Sunday, February 9, 2020 on ABC, so don’t forget to watch and see if your favorite actors and actresses got the awards they deserve!


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