Kicking off Girls Fall Sports

By: Tess Morningstar

As the school year comes to a start, so do fall sports. Soccer, volleyball, and girls cross country all started the season off with crash week before the school year began. Crash week happens every fall, and is most athletes’ least favorite time of the season, with six hour practices in either the hot sun or in the gym with only one break. Even with the downsides of crash week, you still get quality time with your teammates and in better shape for your upcoming season.

The Squire interviewed a member of each girls sports team about their seasons.

The Squire: How has your season gone so far?

Aleea Giese (Soccer): We have been playing good as a team but not winning many games due to being moved into a new region.

Currie Hultman (Volleyball): We have improved so much and our offense has developed well.

Lindsay Finch (Cross Country): It’s going well; the workouts are bettering us and the teammates are coming together.

TS: How would you compare this season to last year’s season?

AG: We are at a higher skill level this year.

CH: Our passing has improved to develop our offense. We can compete with higher level teams better than we could last year.

LF: This year’s season we’re fighting for wins more. Our times are getting better.

TS: What are your team’s chances at playoffs this year?

AG: We definitely have a chance at playoffs and our goal is to be the District 10 champions.

CH: If we keep our minds in the in the right place and stay focused we will make it far in playoffs.

TS: What is your favorite thing about the sport you play?

AG: My favorite part is the learning experience. I like the drills we do at practices.

CH: The bonding experience I get with my teammates.

TS: What is the position you play?

AG: I am a left striker. I make connections between the offensive players, if I get a chance, try to score.

CH: I am a right side hitter which is also known as the “weak side” hitter for a right handed person. Passing on the right side is important because you share the same defense as the setter.

TS: How would you describe this year’s crash week?

AG: We rarely touched a soccer ball and it was a lot of running.

CH: This year’s crash week had less conditioning than previous years. The drills that we ran focused on our individual skills which helped us come together as a team.

LF: We ran a lot, and we worked on building up mileage.

Attend some girls sporting events to support your Lady Knights and see more on how their season is going. Check the district website and the W-IKE news show for details about upcoming games and playoff results.

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