Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mr. Wortman

By: Lydia Larson 

     A new school year means new teachers, and this year, at Eisenhower, we have received several of new teachers. For this issue’s teacher spotlight, The Squire has chosen Mr. Wortman, our new Algebra and Pre-Calculus teacher, who you will find residing in Mr. Zapel’s old room. He is a first-year teacher here at Eisenhower and we learned a lot of great information about him during this interview, so let’s get started! 

The Squire: How has your experience been so far here at Eisenhower? 

Mr. Wortman: The experience has been wonderful thus far. Obviously, there have been some stressful aspects being a new teacher, but everyone has been helpful and kind. It is beautiful to see the sunrise over the fields every morning and each day is a perfect day to learn something new. 

TS: How did you end up teaching here at EHS? 

Mr. W: I ended up teaching here because I wanted to help the school district get through this difficult time. With there being students both online and in school, there was a shortage of teachers in the district, so I was asked to come in and teach mathematics. 

TS: How has COVID-19 effected your school year so far? 

Mr. W: This is my first experience as a teacher, so the new COVID-19 procedures are the normal for me. The most important thing for me is not letting the situation discourage the students and still getting them excited to learn new and exciting things. 

TSWhat are some things that students and staff should know about you? 

Mr. W: They should know that I am a Penn State Alumni and that I grew up here in Warren County. My hobbies include film photography, video editing, and snowboarding. I also have a cat named Dutch. 

TS: Where did you go to become a math teacher and what steps did you take? 

Mr. W: I went to Penn State University to study business and marketing. To become a math teacher, it was essential for me to take several calculus courses through my educational training. While I don’t have a degree in teaching, I was able to gain the necessary skills to help students learn Algebra and Pre-Calculus. 

     That wraps up our interview with Mr. Wortman! When you see him walking in the hall, make sure to say hello and make him feel even more welcomed. The Squire would like to thank him for taking time out of his schedule during this chaotic time to answer these few questions so that we can all know him a bit better. 

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