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Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mr. Dave Allenson

By: Troy Myer

In every school, there are always one or two teachers who seem like they have been here forever.  Here at Eisenhower, that teacher is Mr. Dave Allenson, bringing joy and art to students for 22 years now. The Squire wanted to ask Mr. Allenson a few questions to learn more about him and his career at Eisenhower Middle High School. Continue reading Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mr. Dave Allenson

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Black

By: Steven Downs

Every year teachers strive to claim the title Teacher Spotlight for a short time. They race to school before the sun touches the horizon to ready their lesson plans and beat the big guy… Mr. Kelly Martin. But among these highly spirited men and women one stands out: Mr. Black. Better known as Blacky, Mr. Black is our high school gym teacher, and is involved in many clubs and activities. He teaches everything from competitive sports and weight lifting to help keep us in shape, to health and first aid to help us better support ourselves. But it doesn’t stop there; he claims he could kill a full grown mountain lion with his bare hands. To test this, we locked him in a classroom with a mountain lion for forty-two minutes. Just kidding, although we’re sure it wouldn’t be a problem. To gain a better understanding of the inner workings of such an ambitious individual, I set off down the hallway to interview him.

Continue reading Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Black