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Prepare for Graduation

By: Delaney Chase 

     It feels as though this school year is going faster than any other year. With graduation just around the corner, many seniors are preparing to say goodbye to their teachers and classmates. They are also getting ready for college by applying for scholarships. Preparation for graduation may seem stressful and overwhelming, but The Squire is here to help.  

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Spending Galentine’s Day with the Girls

By: Maya Swanson 

    Each year Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us and you either love it or hate it. This year, if you are one to hate it, you have no reason to because on  February 13, you can grab your friends and celebrate Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day originally started in 2010 on the TV show Parks and Recreation. It is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, and it is a way to celebrate your friends and the friendships you have made over the years.   

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