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Dining in Style at Ribs N’ Bones

By: Alex Durante

In the Warren/Jamestown area, there are many choices when it comes to sit-down restaurants, but one that stands out for great food, great service, and employing students from Eisenhower is Ribs N’ Bones, located on Jackson Run. In this edition of The Squire’s restaurant review, we visited Ribs N’ Bones to get a firsthand experience at the popular restaurant. Continue reading Dining in Style at Ribs N’ Bones

Munching Your Way Into Halloween

By: Dillon Benson

Every year on October 31, kids roam the communities, trick or treating for candy. By the end of the night, most kids end up with at least a half a bag of candy. The average age group for trick or treaters is 2-12, but everyone knows all kids like candy, so sometimes our very own Eisenhower students can be seen putting on a costume and enjoying the holiday as well. One of the best parts of Halloween is running around all sugared up and having a good time with friends. Continue reading Munching Your Way Into Halloween