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Running through New Year’s Eve Traditions

By: Alyssa Wismar

     With the many festivities around Christmas time, from ice skating and baking cookies, to sharing gifts and making memories, New Year’s Eve can easily be overlooked until the day that it arrives. However, it is very important as a holiday to people in every country and culture of the world, with the many different traditions that are held in households to celebrate the coming of the new year.

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Teacher Spotlight Glitters on Mrs. Criswell 

By: Avalynne Russell 

     As many students may know, last year, Eisenhower gained a new Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, and many of you may now know her as your favorite teacher. She teaches a variety of fun, hands-on, and interesting classes in room G110. You may often see her standing outside of her classroom door as you walk from class to class, or you may see her at school events, such as the blood drive. To help everyone to get to know her a little better, The Squire interviewed Mrs. Criswell for this issue’s teacher spotlight. 

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Hoot for Holiday Cookies 

By: Abigail Grunden 

     With Christmas quickly approaching, ‘tis the season for cookies. There are many different forms and flavors that are favored during the holidays. A few examples of common Christmas cookies are sugar cookies and peanut butter blossoms. Eisenhower Family and Consumer Science teacher, Mrs. Criswell, was interviewed by The Squire to share some quick tips and personal preferences with our viewers.  

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