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Eisenhower Challenges the Spring Sport Season 

By: Kyler Black 

     Eisenhower’s spring sports teams, boys baseball, girls softball, and track and field have all started the season. The sports teams are in their seasons now and have achieved some impressive feats early into the season. For the final sports season of this school year, the teams look to have success on the mounds and tracks. 

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Dancing into our Parisian Prom

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     Every spring the excitement of upperclassmen heightens to new levels with prom just around the corner. From the music, dancing, snacks, dressing up, and spending the whole night having fun with friends, it truly is a night to remember. And this year will be no exception with the Prom Committee’s efforts to ensure that this dance is one that seniors and juniors will enjoy and reminisce about for years to come.  

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Learn More about Fly Fishing this Spring

 By: Cole Kell 

     While fishing is a popular spring sport for many Eisenhower students, the students might be less familiar with fly fishing, which is a unique approach to the sport of fishing. Fly fishing is a method that is used to draw strikes from fish that instinctively feed on vary types of insects, as well as other prey of minute proportions, according to Fly fishing provides anglers with the most practical approach toward replicating prey of its nature, as traditional fishing gear is ill-suited presenting ultra-lightweight lures.  

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