Don’t Stress Your Dinner Away 

By: Kris Bunk  

    As the weather gets warmer, the school year is winding down, finals are approaching, and prom season is getting closer. If you are planning on going to prom, you might be a little stressed about what dress color you are buying or what suit color you want to rock at the big dance. But a big part of the prom experience is where you will be eating your dinner. The Squire is here to help you make that decision of where you will be eating before you get your dance on! 

     The Squire has narrowed down some options for you to help you choose. A favorite every year is Ribs n Bones in Warren. Ribs is known for their ribs, steaks, prime ribs, and burgers. Another popular local restaurant is The Bucket in Sugar Grove. The Bucket is a favorite for the residents of Sugar Grove, so, if you’re driving from Sugar Grove or Bear Lake to the dance, you can swing by the Bucket for a quick bite to eat. The Plaza and Bent Run are also great locations in downtown Warren. The Plaza offers many different options to eat but they are known for their pies. Close to the Plaza is Bent Run, which has a limited menu but still offers great food like appetizers, flat bread pizzas, tacos, and pasta. Speaking of pizza, Napoli’s pizza is a great option to choose, if you are going with a big group of people. If you are in a time or budget crunch, a quick and easy option to choose is Sheetz. Sheetz is a favorite of many high school students as a convenient place to get a bite to eat and hang out. If you are running late, you can MTO your food from Sheetz. Sheetz is also a cheaper option if you are on a budget. Mama Jane’s is a newer restaurant on the west side of Warren that offers a variety of food options for a reasonable price. There is always the option of a home-cooked meal as well. Before you head to the big dance, consider one of these for your meal.!  

     The Squire sat down with senior Sammy Briggs to find out where the students might like to go for pre-prom dinner. Sammy explained to The Squire, My date and I are going with friends to Ribs n Bones for dinner…We chose Ribs n Bones because we have been there for dinner before, and we like the food. It is also convenient because we are getting pictures only a few minutes away.” Sammy added that, “I think 5:45 or 6:00 is a good time for dinner so that way you have time get pictures before and can go straight to the dance after you are done eating.” Sammy also mentioned that, “I am not sure what I will order but probably something good but not too messy.”  The Squire thanks Sammy for her time to answer our questions. 

     The Squire added polls on their Instagram story to get feedback from the students to see their preferences about where they would go between two restaurant choices. The first poll consisted of The Bucket and Mama Jane’s. The Bucket took the win with a 72% to a 28% Mama Jane’s put up. We had The Plaza and a home cooked meal up next, and The Plaza took this one 80% to 20%. We had Napoli’s pizza up against Bent Run, with Bent Run winning 65% to 35%. Finally, Ribs n Bones was up against Sheetz. The students choose the cheaper option in Sheetz 65% to 35% over Ribs n Bones. For future polls, you can follow The Squire on Instagram @ehssquire. 

     If you are still trying to figure out where you want to eat your prom dinner, consider some of the options The Squire mentioned. Please remember to always call ahead to make a reservation if you are going to a sit-down restaurant so you can make sure you can get a table. For more prom help and advice visit The Squire | The award-winning source for the latest knightly news! ( 

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